16 November 1994

Joanne Thomas has been with The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) since it opened its doors in 1994.

Joanne began her advertising career at Young & Rubicam Hedley-Byrne as a junior art director. After a short spell in the UK, she returned to work in Y&R’s brand division for three years, during which time she gathered a number of prestigious international awards.

Despite these accolades, Joanne seriously considered a switch to the world of fashion design, but her love of advertising triumphed. She left Y&R in late 1993 to start up the Cape Town chapter of The Jupiter Drawing Room with Ross Chowles and Kevan Aspoas.

After working initially as an ATL art director, Joanne found her true calling in the world of design. Her solid, conceptual background has helped her to approach campaigns with the kind of through-the-line thinking that most agencies aspire to. In the process she’s picked up a host of international awards and worked on some iconic South African campaigns.